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The human body was made to move, not sit on a sofa, an office chair or even a chaise longe. You know that. We know that. But it’s hard to find time to exercise and it’s easy to find excuses.

The gym is too threatening or the exercise class feels too strict. We don’t have the right clothes, our legs aren’t long enough, or we don’t “eat clean”. If these are familiar thoughts, then our newsletter is here to help.

Let’s start with the bad news. As we get older, our muscle mass decreases. This causes back problems or bad knees. The risk of osteoporosis, for women in particular, becomes more likely as oestrogen levels decline. I told you it was bad news. But there is good news in the shape of one sure-fire way to help: exercise.

Studies have shown that adults who do strength-based exercises are 23% less likely to die prematurely and a third less like to die from cancer. With the guidance of Richard Branson’s personal trainer, Lara Milward, the Sunday Times Fit as a Fiddle expert, we are going to help you get stronger, fitter and happier.

Lara’s outlook is simple: ageing is not a disease. We do not have to fight it. It does not have to be about deterioration or loss. Age is no barrier to exercise, but it it is also no excuse. Lara prides herself on making exercise fun, realistic, achievable, sociable and rewarding.

Each week we will introduce you to a new method of working out. We will give you a stretch to do first thing in the morning, a weekly exercise timetable, a fitness tip for your everyday life (something is always better than nothing) and a healthy recipe from Lisa Markwell, our food editor.

This week - our very first week - we tackle soggy bottom syndrome, or the problem of inactive glute muscles. Lara’s exercises are designed for people who spend large parts of the day sitting down (ie most of us). They will take you just 20 minutes and do not require any equipment other than a chair.

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