Virgin Strive Challenge 2018

Lara Virgin Strive Challenge 2018 Featured

Lara is the official fitness partner for the Virgin Strive Challenge 2018 helping to prepare the core team including Sir Richard, Sam & Holly Branson for their journey across Sardinia & Corsica up to the summit of Mt Blanc in 4 weeks and under human power only. That meant a combination of cycling, kayaking and hiking for 4 weeks for the charity

Lara was a core team member herself for the inaugural VSC 2014 and 2016 which means she has traveled from London to the top of the Matterhorn and from the Matterhorn to Mt Etna under human power only. Lara is an ambassador for Big Change; a youth charity committed to helping young people in the UK thrive in life; remain in education & employment and become net contributors to society through learning about growth mindset and challenging yourself to overcome life’s obstacles.

Lara Virgin Strive Challenge 2018 Richard Branson
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